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"Find Your Happy ON"

Do not Mistake this call to be for Unhappy People only; While it would shift a Lot for them. It shifts even more for Happy People.


- The recording of this call will be provided to all registered Participants

- 10 days of Whatsapp support to all who have attended

When was the last time you did a Cleanup of your Mind? Taking a Holiday Break is not same as Cleaning up.

Just like your House needs soap/Detergent, Disinfectant, Mops, Wiper, Broom as Tools for cleaning up, Your mind too needs a cleaning up; Would you like to have some tools?

And yes, Not everybody needs cleanup; Only those who are aware of the need for Decluttering, Disinfecting and Polishing and acknowledgement is the first step!

A Clutter-Free Mind is a Choice, What’s Yours?

This call is not about "How to be Happy all the time” That would really be Nice and Perfect, isn’t it!

This call is about how to be powerful in dealing with Things, People and Situations that you come across; There are too many ways to live, but none prepares you to deal with all that you come across.

Would you be keen to know 4 Tools that will work almost anywhere?
You can still ignore this message and it is just a choice and Not wrong!

But ask yourself, What will change for me, if i can deal with all aspects of life more Powerfully than ever before? How would my life be Like? What can i create more with it in next 6 Months?

The More you use these tools, The more your Life shows up differently and empowering.

And you may not attend this call if you do not have Faith in anything like that Possible, or also because you believe something outside of you needs to happen and not willing to do something about it yourself.

10 days practice of these tools have created magic, Would you be Willing for some for yourself?

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Participation Fee - INR 3100

Duration - 2.5 Hours

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Somethings are just worth investing for Time, Money and your Energy

Because you get a high return on investment.

You are told what to do and What not to; How about knowing how to stay Upbeat and focussed; Choose what to get distracted with or what to Engage with.

Anxiety and fear are not known to Empower, Happiness will!

Happiness is a Choice, What's yours?

Learn 4 Tools from Access Consciousness from "4 Tools to Get your Happy ON"


Don't do this Call, If you are not committed to change your LIfe, Comfort Zone is Good, Unless you are not getting Uncomfortable with it.

Change is a Choice, Why Choose it, If you do not Want it?

When something isn’t changing in your Life, Then it is possible that there is something that you are holding on to.

Letting go is way lot easier and much less painful then you think; Try holding a Heated metal for long to test what is easier.

There may be thoughts or emotions Righteousness, Values, Anger, Guilt, Shame, Insecurity, Fear or others that may be holding you into that space.

The first step is to acknowledge how are you feeling and what is bothering you?

What if, You are more aware than you think you are?

Would you like some more awareness of you, your reality and what you can actually do about it?


Knowing and Not Doing something about it is same as "Not Knowing"

Awareness is a Choice What's Yours?

What if, The more right you become, The more wrong it Feels?

Let's explore looking at this reality with a different lens; a Different Light, See where the cognitive dissonance is and why isn't the music audible to you, But a lot of Noise and the cacophony that you called the Truth?

Wanna explore the Truth? The real Truth  :-D

Probably, It's not for you; You know way too much and you are looking for a Truth that matches your version of Truth and can fit into that definitive BOX.

Or maybe, you have had enough and there is no other way but to patiently explore something else.

Inviting everyone who wishes to really explore a new reality beyond what you know.
or maybe you wish to wrong everything else so that you can call your reality as Right.

Often heard or read in Memes “When Life gives you lemons, make Lemonade?

Nice to hear, But how many of us are actually making lemonade? Do you have the Recipe or even the ingredients?

Life goes on anyway, Like a steady stream of water; Are you fighting it or flowing with it?

What if there is a Recipe, What if ingredients are with you already, What if you can make Lemonade and all you got to do is make a choice first?

Unless you’ve concluded already that nothing else is possible, you may make a choice to Join this 2.5 Hours of an Interactive, Playful and engrossing Zoom call.

Because Moving ahead is a Choice, What’s yours?

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